Vintage Transporter Owners was founded over twenty years ago. When Johnny Salazar (president) and Rich Yost, were fed up with the Chopped, Cut, Slammed, Porsche alloyed, Cal-looked Buses that were taking over the highways and bi-ways of the Inland Empire. They wanted to Restore, Resurrect, and Salvage The remaining Type 2's and get people excited about doing it. Thus the beginning of VTO. There were MANY skeptics. " You can't base a club on purely stock VW buses! Buses are rare enough as it is, finding such a select group of people in the Inland Empire would certainly be hard if not impossible!" " Keep It Stock " was born.... So here we are. Twenty Five years later and things are really thriving. We have upwards of 25 buses and all are very stock appearing. Our standards are still pretty strict, although we have mellowed out in our old age..(LOL).we only allow buses that are stock height, and stock appearing in nature. Primer is ok Bright purple isn't. Porsche alloys and frenched tail lights are a definite NO! We welcome ALL buses to our meetings, in hopes of swaying their minds from the torrents of customization. We have had several members come in and swear that the only way to do a bus was custom. Well only weeks later a welcome crew of people would be over that members house raising their type 2 back to its natural state of being. Life is funny. someone swears by a lowered bus and thinks the rough ride isn't a problem. Then one day they come on a campout with us and we drive and drive and drive. ( as most of our events are at least 3 hours from home) We start off down a dirt trail, the stock buses treading onward without a problem or care in the world. The lowered bus however has to determine whether or not his rig will make it down this bumpy road. Am I going to take out my sump? will my suspension last? He decides to " Go for it"